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About Us

Hearth at Home is a locally-owned family business, which has been providing quality products and services for 15 years to the Land O’Lakes and surrounding areas.  We are located in the center of cottage country and are committed to our community.  As home heating specialists, we offer only the highest quality stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, accessories and service.

The Meaning Behind the Name

When we were selecting the name for our business, we looked at many different options.  We chose Hearth at Home because Hearth is known as a fireplace used for heating, but also for its meaning as a central and integral part of the home.  “Hearth at Home” refers to not just to the physical structure of a house and its heat source but to the life of the family in the home, gathered around the fireplace.  We feel blessed to be able to assist you in creating the hearth (gathering place of your family) at your home.

Our Showroom and Staff

Our showroom features burning displays and floor models, burning wood, gas, and pellet.  Our showroom displays offer many different types of design inspiration, whether you are looking to add country comfort, or stylish contemporary design.  We want to help you find your inspiration for your hearth at home.

In the showroom Jacob, Tara and David will assist you in choosing the system that is right for you.  Jacob is our Head Technician and he oversees all aspects to ensure quality service and installation.  He is a WETT Certified Solid Fuel Technician, WETT Chimney Sweep, WETT Site Comprehensive Inspector, Gas Technician 2, Oil Burner Technician 2, Ozone Depletion Prevention Card, Fall Arrest Training, WHMIS, WardFlex Training.  Tara is WETT certified, as a WETT Solid Fuel System Advisor and WETT Site Basic Inspector.  David is our Service Coordinator with 10 years of customer service experience and is on the path to WETT Certification, as he has just achieved the required 80 weeks experience.   Together, they will organize your experience from initial contact, through setting up your site evaluation to booking your installation and following up with appointments for your annual service. 

At the initial contact you can expect one of our sales and service team to offer system expertise from discovering your needs and wants for your system. Through continued education and extensive product knowledge, our professionals will help direct you to choices that will meet your heating and aesthetic needs.

After the initial consultation you will have a better understanding of which systems will suit your requirements, you are then ready to setup a site evaluation.  Hearth at Home offers free Site Evaluations for new systems to ensure that you are getting the proper system to meet your specific needs.  We do not think you can get an accurate view of your system from photographs or drawings.  Our head technician and sales associate, Jacob will come to your site free of charge and discuss with you the specifics of your system and provide you with a proposal.    With Jacob’s extensive knowledge and experience, he will look at every necessary aspect of your system.   He will help you select your heating unit, venting, and unit location.  He will look at all of the variables.  If there is situation where he cannot give you a specific proposal, he will notify you.  After our free site evaluation our proposal will not change, unless you choose to change it.

Annual service will help ensure your heating system continues to perform as it should through the years which will extend the life of your system and maintain warranty validity.

David is also our in-house Grill Master, who enjoys demonstrating how the Big Green Egg and Saffire Grill work. At Hearth at Home, we believe eating from the charcoal grill and smoker is what sells it.  David has his Safe Food Handling Course and Retail Meat Cutter Certificate, which will assist him in better serving you.  Call to book a sampling today.

At Hearth at Home, we have a technical team in place that will provide you the quality of service you deserve, while serving your home and/or business.  Glen is our Wood Technician, and is certified as a WETT Certified Solid Fuel Technician, WETT Site Basic Inspector, Fall Arrest Training and has WardFlex Training.  Clarence is our Oil and Gas Technician and is a certified Oil Burner Technician 1, Gas Technician 2, Wardflex Training with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.  Ben is on his path to WETT Certification; he has just achieved his required 80 weeks installation experience and will be beginning his courses this fall.

Why We Do What We Do

Above are the details regarding our business but the following explains the why.  The heart of our business is the flame, beauty of fire.  As long as there has been fire, people have gathered around it and have been captivated by its beauty.  You can appreciate fire with all of your senses.  Sight- The flame is beautiful the way it dances, curls and is constantly changing with the many different stages- ever changing.  Sound- The crackle and the pop and the shifting of logs, it is unpredictable.  Taste- The taste of food cooked over an open fire or charcoal grill has little that can compare.  Smell- the scent of fire always brings with it the feeling of cozy, calm times with its distinct aroma.  Feel- the warmth of the flame is comforting and soothing.  It seems like all of your aches fade away.  Fire reaches you through every sense.

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