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Wood Sweep – Complete Annual Maintenance


  • Sweep Chimney and Flue pipes
  • Basic Visual Inspection – Check door gasket, baffle and baffle gasket condition, firebrick condition, exterior chimney condition, interior chimney liner condition and components.
  • Clean and lubricate blower fan if required
  • Clean Firebox, unless otherwise instructed, replace broken bricks material cost extra
  • Clean Glass
  • Disposal of Waste

Wett Inspection

At Hearth at Home Ltd., we believe that the safety of your family is our first priority.  For this reason we only offer Level 3 – Comprehensive Inspections.  Level 3 – Comprehensive Inspections are an inspection of the system components of a solid fuel burning appliance; site built fireplace and venting systems for proper use of required components, clearance to combustibles.  Inspection of system components in areas of concealed accessibility which may require removal of flue pipes, access to attic, etc.

Wood System Installation

  • Delivery of stove and venting
  • Installation of stove and venting according to manufactures specifications
  • Provide WETT inspection report upon complete payment

Wood Service Call

  • Diagnostics
  • No Heat
  • Emergency Service
  • Blockage, chimney fire
  • Repair
  • Door Gasket

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